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the rest of the mob wives. >> you sure you want me to say hello? >> joy: i do. i love those girls. thank big ang for joining me tonight. and thanks to all of my guests. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: welcome to the "the young turks"." huge day for mitt romney. it looks like his campaign is in big disaster territory. now we have secret tapes from the donor needing. >> our message for low taxes for the rich. >> cenk: those are going to cost him serious damage. we'll give you the tapes in just a minute. and then it's the one-year anniversary of occupy. we had one-year demonstrations in dozens of cities across the country and 150 arrests as well. >> so angry about what has happened to our country. >> we're in it for the long haul.
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it's not just for the cameras. we'll continue working at it. >> cenk: we have one of the founding members of the 99% movement in an exclusive interview right here today on the show. and then finally a huge attack by the taliban on our forces in afghanistan. some were killed and some were worried it was prince harry--well, he didn't invite the attack but they attacked because prince harry was there. that's a big controversy. >> the prince himself who was a mile away reportedly wanted to fight. the british secret service whisked him away to a safe room the moment the attack happened. >> cenk: should he have been there in the first place? interesting topic. lots of things to go over right now. that means, of course, it's go time. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> cenk: today we find out a lot
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about what republicans really think of their own voters, of the other side's voters. first, let's start with rick santorum in an incredibly revealing moment. here's what he said over the weekend. >> we will never have the media on our side--ever--in this country. we will never have the elite smart people on our side because they believe they should have the power to tell what you to do. so our college and universities, they're not going to be on our side. >> cenk: isn't that amazing! here's a guy who admits we're the party of idiots. we'll never have the smart people on our side! what does that tell you about your party? shouldn't you put some thugs behind that when they say smart people will never support us. that's amazing. how do you zit there in that room say, oh, yeah, we'll never have smart people on our side.
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get a load of what mitt romney thinks about the other side. mother jones has unearthed video of secret donor meetings. they have the attorney donor meetings every once in a while. they didn't know the tapes were rolling. >> cenk: get a load of what he thinks of obama voters. he thinks, o they're feeling
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entitled. they don't pay attacks. in other words the coded words they've been using on the campaign trail about all the people getting welfare checks and change in requirements, etc. those guys are bums. all the bums who milk off the government we're going to vote for the other side. meanwhile what he doesn't tell you is the 47% who quote/unquote who don't pay income tax they pay payroll tax sales tax and that's a huge chunk of their income oftentimes. what he doesn't tell you the amount that don't pay payroll or income tax is only 18%. and that 18% pay sales tax any way. who is the guy trying to avoid taxes? mitt romney, are you serious? you're going to tell me, can you believe those guys try to avoid taxes. at least they don't have accounts in the cayman islands. isn't this guy amazing as he
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sits and puts money in the swiss bank accounts, bermuda and cayman islands--look at those bums who don't pay taxes. he views 47% of the country as lazy people who don't deserve people. you know how much those people make on average? $30,000. oh wow they're living the high life. $30,000. you wouldn't even bother putting that in your cayman islands account, what is $30,000 what's the big deal! this is the core of romney's problem. he doesn't understand or give a dam about a huge chunk of this country. he's all about the rich and how we can protect ourselves. here's more. >> cenk: i don't care about those people. damn. you just said in your own words
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47% of the country i could give a rat's ass about and this guy wants to be president of the united states of america. remember what he said last week. he thinks middle income is between $200,000 and $250,000. he said i'm trying to help the middle class. if you think that the middle class has quarter of a million dollars a year, yeah maybe you are trying to help those people. this guy is only in it for the rich. he has another interesting admission here. >> cenk: you're telling me you didn't have a silver spoon growing up? he said no, no, i didn't take the inheritance my father left me. i gave it to charity. probably the mormon church, and they were involved in prop eight. how about the education your dad paid for and how about all the
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advantages your dad gave you and all the people you knew because he ran for governor, and then for president. you're so unappreciative, it's sick. get allowed of this ironry. he said, oh my god if only i were minority. >> cenk: oh, if your dad was mexican you would have a better chance? are you kidding me? then you would have a perspective of people who grew up there. he said i want to be super rich and had all the advantages of a white person, but if i could change to a mexican for the vote. that would be a trick, wouldn't that be great? no, not at all these are quotes from the same meeting. we're having a much harder time with the hispanic voters, and if they become commit to the democrats as after american american voting block has in the past we're in trouble as a party and of a nation. that's true. what are you going to do about
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it? are you going to run a campaign where you discriminate more against latinos? i wonder how you lost the hispanic vote. i wonder why they left you. how about being honest about going forward, he he said, the fact that i'm tight or close to the president. that's interesting. that's not interesting. the key is don't worry about the 40% or that we lost the latino vote. give me your millions and we'll get people to vote for us. that's interesting. how about the idea of these guys saying, hey, listen, why don't you run a more personal campaign against romney, attack them even more. this is interesting about what it reveals about the campaign.
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>> cenk: see that is really interesting. that's where they're saying, i would love to rip the face off the guy, but we're not here to win that way. it's all based on the polling. they test every one of thiessan these censuses. look at big politics, you know it i know t but when they don't believe a goddamn word of it. they're saying that his campaign is in trouble because they don't
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know what they're doing. but one side said, quote you design is a campaign to enforce the guy that you got. hey, you know what, that seems to be an interesting point. you should have gone to the center. but another campaign adviser said, quote, this is going to be a base election and we need them to come out and vote. which one is it? look, your president obama isn't that you've gone to far you haven't gone far enough, your candidate is not doing that well, if you had a better campaign--no, no no. the problem is your party. your party and your ideas suck! they appeal to the rich, and your ideas are the same as always. deregulate for the rich. tax cuts for the rich. start more wars. these are not popular ideas. you can have a different candidate, a different strategy and it doesn't matter because your party sucks. let me bring in political analyst. >> by the way, so does your candidate.
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>> cenk: michael shure is here. they're giving him advice left and right, you did this wrong you did that wrong, but it doesn't matter. who are they going to get? what magical candidate is going to make this tird turn into flowers. >> they didn't have much of a voice of candidate. tim pawlenty when he dropped out, he would have been terrible terrible. jeb bush would have been able to address the nation differently than these other guys can. their merges is not great either. i am more shocked by what he's saying when he is on camera. >> cenk: last thing that's really interesting. so half these guys are saying, be more bold and outrageous, and the other half are saying, shh shh, my god, you said something about the embay embassy and you blew
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it. who is right. >> you have to say something. it's not just reaction but you have to be proactive when you're running for president. no one knows why mitt romney is running for president other than he's an ambitious guy. as a candidate he's in a conundrum. you don't feel there is anything that he's upset about in this country. i feel he just wants to be president. his campaign is a disaster. if he was the ceo of this company and bain took it over bain would fire mitt romney. >> cenk: that would be a nice start. michael shure, thank you, man. when we come back, more anger in the muslim world pakistan lebanon, and now people are angry at "newsweek" that shows a cover that shows that anger. i'll be on an interesting side of that campaign. >> after last week's violent protest, the unrest has spread to other parts of the world.
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protests in indonesia philippines, pakistan, and then kabul. [ ♪ music ♪ ] (vo) this program is presented by american express. welcome to the possibilities of membership. welcome in. american express.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: we have more protests across the muslim world today. in pakistan again attacking our consulate in karachi and some muslim radical clerics egging them on. andlet's watch. >> 300 protesters took to the street just on the outskirts of kabul, five kilometers to the u.s. embassy. they turned on police and attackic 15 officers. they were injured including the commander. they let two police cars on fire. >> cenk: meanwhile "newsweek"
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has a cover story with "muslim rage" on it and it shows a couple of muslims in a rage. is that the right thing to do or the wrong thing to do? when you look at the examples of the quotes you can understand why they did that cover. this is the muslim radical cleric in pakistan. he said the production crew of the film must be hanged to set an example. pakistani protesters chant o obama, we are all osama. and blasphemy is not freedom of expression and its sentence is death. that makes me want to somety. blasphemy is death. how cowardly are you that you can't even defend your ideas. the muslim men and women who support the idea that blasphemy
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blasphemiers deserve punishment. it's one thing to say it's all muslim. she's someone who stopped being muslim, as i did by the way and who is now atheist and i understand her point of view. to attribute that to all muslims is not correct. and the mistake this morning when talking about the savage protesting. he said. >> he scratched the surface. if you gave every street vendor to street vendor to prime minister a chance to throw a rock at the u.s. embassy. they would. they hate us because of their religion. they hate us because of their culture. they hate us because of peer pressure. >> cenk: no, that's not because they hate you. they hate you because of iraq, if some of them do hate you, and some do, no question about that, and the drone strikes and the support for israel that is blind and will not lead to peace
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unfortunately, right now because we support right-wing radical government in israel that has no interest in the peace talks whatsoever. but he leaves that out and smears all muslims. on the other hand some people are having fun with this idea of muslim rage. tweets like this. i'm having such a good hair day and no one knows muslim rage. here is another one the first one was what do you mean you don't serve chocolate milk at this publish. muslim rage. those are funny right? there is another way to handle the "newsweek" situation. you can do covers like "time." outrage, but none of the faces are clear and it's not aim directly at muslims he only. and then thee the economist cover murder in libya, it's not clear who is enraged, is that right or i don't think wrong we'll discuss that in a second.
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"newsweek" sent us this quote. now let's get a guest on this to speak to this issue. michaelmichael joins, thank you so much for joining us, michael. first what do you think "newsweek," too far? >> too far absolutely. here is the problem, cenk if our cover had been just the headline muslim rage and the photo, that's one thing. but what this cover does and what "newsweek" has been doing consistently for the last couple of months with their covers covers, the other time they did it with the picture of the woman blindfolded, they're doing these covers where they have deny ability, but they can be
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controversial, too. they're not running a news cover, we're running an opinion cover that is illustrated. >> cenk: let me hear you on a couple of things. yeah are they doing controversial covers, i agree with you. but are they try to sell papers? yeah. if you're trying to sell papers, i'm not sure that controversy hurts, as long as they're not misleading. is it misleading? muslims are in a rage, and that is one picture taken there. >> it is misleading when you look at a newsmagazine and looking at the cover you're assuming the contract between the publisher and reading you're assuming you're looking at something objective, you're requesting a question that is implicit. but in this case the cover is illustrating this woman's opinion. what we're looking at now is an illustration of what she's saying. and when you look at that cover the key here, the hook, the real
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problem with this thing blows up is when you look at quotes at the bottom and the last line, what does it say? how we can end it. how we can end it. the point is that they're not just framing a problem with the photo where they're saying here's a photo that is representative of muslim rage, but then it's saying what are we going to do about it? >> cenk: but i asked the same question. unlike scarborough and ali in this case i get it's not all muslims. my mom is muslim. she's not in a rage. she's cooking god bless her heart every time i go home, i love her. she's a very pleasant woman. but at the same time those guys are in a rage and i ask what we can do about it. that's a fair question. >> it's a fair question if the cover is basically posing the question but it's not. it it's one woman saying this is
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a scourge. these guys are representative, and we need to eradicate it and eliminate it. >> cenk: i agree with that. look, you know, obviously again not broad generalizations but when we talk about the fundamentalist strain. i'm a culture warrior. i do want to irradicate the fundamentalist whether it's in islam christianity, judaism. i'm with her on this. now fox news opinion. i do opinion here. why can't "newsweek" do a cover story with a strong opinion. >> because most news magazines don't do an opinion on the cover. this is a new trend that "newsweek" has been using it. they've only used it for a few times. it's a bait-and-switch. it's something that we're not used to, and it's something where you come in and you expect an objecttive question to be
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asked but really they have an axe to grind. it's a manipulation on the part of "newsweek." if it wasn't, you wouldn't see the explosion over the course of the day where you saw so much anger about the magazine, about the cover. in effect what it's doing is it's saying we're no better than they are. this is really like our rage in the face of your rage. and it's a subjective rage. >> cenk: it's really an interesting point, and you've presented your side really well, but i'm still unconvinced. one thing i'll go with you on, "newsweek" should say these are opinion paces pieces. as long as you make it clear it's a perfectly fine opinion to have, and it's a great conversation. dr. michael shah. thank you. we appreciate it. when we come back, we'll have
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the 99% movement. it's the anniversary of occupy. we'll make comments about what went wrong and what's going right moving forward. >> i'm so angry about what is going on with our country. >> an anger shared by those who are marching here today here and in two other cities.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: all right we're on the one-year anniversary of the occupy movement with 150 arrests around the country. dozens of cities are protesting as well. what are they protesting about and what have they been protesting for the last year? let me show you amazing numbers and graphs that give a sense of it. first of all look at this. 1947 to 2007 and what this shows you is the average hourly wage and hourly compensation of productivity. if you notice in that time period your productiveity has increased tremendously, but your compensation and your wages have
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not. they start to diverge around 1980. that's when all of a sudden your productivity goes somewhere else. it doesn't go in your pocket. that's what people are anger about. where did it go? let's take a look at a second graph. this is corporate profits after tax. remember, they lowered their taxes, they had all the loopholes, hey look at that, after 1980 we can see where the money went. it went to corporate profit. why? they fixed the rule. they bought the politicians they got the subsidies. they did the connie capitalism. all that work productivity that you worked your ass off did not go in your pocket. it went in their pocket. gee, why are people upset. comparing the top 1% versus the rest of us in terms of median wealth okay, as you can see it wasn't great to be with in 1962,
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but everybody gets of course the top 1% has more wealth than the rest of us. we get that. look at what happens in the end in 2010 when things are supposed to be getting better, in income equality it's gotten worse it's 288-to-1 now. that's an outrageous percentage. during the recovery, if you will 93% of the recovery was with the top 1%. why are people angry? why do progressives think that president obama was not progressive? when he continued this trend. that's why the banks got what they wanted. they got the $7.7 trillion from the fed at no interest rate. they got tarp, the oil companies get their subsidies the rich got their tax cuts and the rest of us got screwed. this is equality of opportunity. what is interesting where you
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have the best income in equality so countries like denmark and finland, being at the bottom is great. that means you have income equality. it means that you have the best opportunity for your kid. those are the same countries that do the best in terms of who is in the top 1%, who is in the rich in the next generation. now when you look at the very end of that chart the greatest thing coming to equality, it also means the least opportunity for the next generation, the united states is almost off the that is right. right--off the chart. they're killing the american dream. it's not the inequality of results but opportunity. that's what the occupy movement was about. we had an exclusive with david degraw, one of the founders of the 99 movement. first we talked about what is the success of occupy. here are his thoughts on that.
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>> people are conditioned through the media. they feel isolated in their financial struggles and the second that why occupation was working throughout the world and why we thought it would work here because the second you occupy a space and people are talking about the same issues, all of sudden everyone who felt so isolated by mainstream media say hey, this is a systemic problem. this is a total systemic problem. our country is overrun by corruption. everyone knows it's unsustainable, unstable. this is just giving people a space, a frame for them to go, and express themselves, express their grievances. >> cenk: now that is david's first interview in the last six months. one of the reasons why he wanted to stay away the media is the propaganda and splitting us up. when you have a conversation like we had with david you realize that occupy had it's
4:32 pm
failings as well. i asked him to explain how it has been dispersed and if that's a good thing, a bad thing and he had an interesting analogy for that. >> i look at occupy globally as the big bang of humanity's next phase of evolution. it created this wild new ecosystem of mass transformation. numbers of people turned on, let out of the propaganda cage. the first step is you got to open the prison door so people will fly out and realize we can change things. you know you say another world is possible, but now another world is happening. that will coalesce. it's going to happen, i can tell you that and it will take some funding. it will take a lot of hard work but a year from now i'll come back here, and we'll see what happens. >> cenk: you know, i really hope that he's right. you know, it's a powerful analogy. occupy was a big movement. there was a big bang, and everyone payed paid attention.
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and it dispersed. right now the jury is out on it. we talked about why occupy has a harder time than the tea party. tea party backed by corporatists have a tremendous amount of resourcesness funding buses staff, and a lot of it is based on volunteers and it's harder to do. but we talked about how occupy needs to be more inclusive. i just recently read they're doing meetings where people are not referred to as he or she but they're referred to he or she. i don't say to jayar, they say he or she. i say that's too liberal. i asked him about that, and here's his answer on that. >> before occupy we had so many libertarians involved. back to your issue about getting money out of politics, we went out and said to these groups across the political spectrum what is our common ground?
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what can we unite around? the two biggest issues was getting money out of politics and breaking up the banks. earlier in zucati you had a lot of people coming in and taking part. >> cenk: i'm saying it's too liberal. i want to reach the people in orlando who were out there with their babies and strollers. they're upset as we are. they don't want their wages taken away and given to top corporations either. it can't be just progressives or liberals. it has to be the whole country. >> it is coalescing getting money out of politics. if you look at all the issues that occupy rightfully bring up. the connecting--i say it's like "six degrees of kevin bacon." it's two degrees of money and politics. pick an issue that you're passionate about, that effects you, and then understand how the
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corrupting influence of money in politics created that issue. how the government subsidizes the problems but they don't subsidize the solution. it comes down getting money out of politics. that's step one. >> cenk: he's a really smart guy and i think that's exactly right. he hit the nail on the head. occupy needs to focus like a laser on that exact issue. that's the one issue we all agree on. finally, he had a point about reformers and radicals, and how you can work, whether you're a simple reformer or radical for the occupy movement, that's all okay because it all works under the same umbrella. >> there is a tension between reformers and radicals in the movement. there are reformers who want to work within the system to change things, and there is the radical who says, screw the whole two-party system. the tension between reformers and radicals do not have to exist. they work very well together. radicals open up space where reformers can get reform done.
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when you get reform done, that open it's up space for true radical change. so you know, my message to all the radicals and reformers are just keep doing what you're doing because you work excellent together. it's the whole malcolm x and mlk dynamic. one scares the elites, and the other changes the system. >> cenk: you can watch the whole interview with david degraw, and you can find a link at check out the whole thing. the guy is incredibly bright and gives me hope for the future of the occupy movement. when we come back eric canter looks like he can't be taken down. we have someone in the studio who thinks that he can beetle. >> wayne powell running for congress. >> wayne, you're my kind of republican. >> i'm a democrat.
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